HAUGMETAL Playlist December 16 2014

TOP 10 ALBUMS FOR 2014! – (Full Lists Below) ARTIST        SONG Bloodbath – Unite In Pain Decapitated – Blood Mantra Grand Magus – Steel Versus Steel Monuments – Atlas In Flames – Everything’s Gone Obituary – Violent By Nature Arch Enemy – Never Forgive, Never Forget Cavalera Conspiracy – Apex Predator Cannibal Corpse – Sadistic Embodiment…..

Heavy At Home Playlist Dec 15 2014

TOP 10 AUSTRALIAN ALBUMS FOR 2014! – Full List Below ARTIST / SONG Forever The Optimist – Warning Horns The Furor – Summoned Obscurity Bear The Mammoth – Hieronymus Bosch Hadal Maw – Invisible Eye Opus Of A Machine – Hourly Painted Obscurity Honourable Mentions Envenomed – Mechanical Enemy Aeon Of Horus – Radiate I Am…..

HAUGMETAL Playlist December 9 2014

ARTIST SONG Pantera  Floods – R.I.P. Darrell Dimebag Abbott Arch Enemy – War Eternal Body Count – Talk Shit, Get Shot Animals As Leaders – Physical Education Devil You Know – Seven Years Alone Devin Townsend Project – March Of The Poozers Divine Ascension – The Final Stand Sydonia – Shame Eluveitie – The Call Of…..

Heavy At Home Playlist Dec 8 2014

ARTIST / SONG AUSTRALIAN TRIBUTE HOUR TO DIMEBAG DARRELL ABBOTT – R.I.P. \m/ Lord – Shattered (Pantera Cover) Malignant Monster – Fucking Hostile (Pantera Cover) Switchblade – Domination (Pantera Cover) Synthetic Breed – Becoming (Pantera Cover) Transcending Mortality – Hollow (Pantera Cover) Aeturnus Dominion – Mouth for War (Pantera Cover) Imminent Psychosis – The Art of…..

HAUGMETAL Playlist December 2 2014

ARTIST SONG Black Veil Brides – Faithless Beyond Creation – The Axiom Opus Of A Machine – Parallels Machine Head – Eyes Of The Dead Bloodbath – Grand Morbid Funeral Periphery – The Scourge Psycroptic – Echoes To Come Listener Discussion Highlights of 2014 – Tim Bell / Sydney Godflesh – Shut Me Down Thomas Giles…..