• HAUGMETAL August 16 2016 Playlist

    Opeth – Sorceress
    Sonata Arctica – Closer To An Animal


    Devin Townsend – Failure
    King 810 – I Ain’t Goin Back Again


    Alter Bridge – Show Me A Leader
    Tarja – Supremacy
    Superheist – Hands Up High


    Evergrey – Distance
    Brujeria – No Aceptan Imitaciones
    Sinsaenum – Splendor and Agony


    Russian Circles – Vorel
    Epica – Universal Death Squad


    Heaven Shall Burn – Bring The War Home
    Korn – Rotting in Vain
    Sabaton – Shiroyama


    Charred Walls Of The Damned – The Soulless
    KING – My Destination The Stars
    Vader – Parabellum


    Witherscape – God Of Ruin
    Anciients – Ibex Eye


    Pain – Call Me


    Songs that contain the word ‘CHRISTIAN’ or ‘CHRIST’ in the title!
    Deicide – Kill the Christian
    Dimmu Borgir – Tormentor Of Christian Souls
    Soundgarden – Jesus Christ Pose
    Fear Factory – Pisschrist
    Meshuggah – New Millennium Cyanide Christ
    Type O Negative – Christian Woman
    Behemoth – Christians to the Lions (Live)
    Godflesh – Christbait Rising
    Kreator – Phantom Antichrist
    The Faceless – Xenochrist




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