HAUGMETAL August 2 2016 Playlist



Twelve Foot Ninja - Invincible
Carnifex - Slow Death
Sabaton - Blood Of Bannockburn


Dreadnaught - The Hated
Fates Warning - SOS


Korn - Rotting in Vain
Karma To Burn - Sixty-Two


Opeth - Sorceress


Sinsaenum - Splendor and Agony
Plini - Electric Sunrise
Witherscape - Marionette


KING - One World One King
Tarja - Love To Hate


Brujeria - No Aceptan Imitaciones
Russian Circles - Vorel


Epica - Universal Death Squad
Volbeat - For Evigt


Anciients - Buried in Sand
Thy Art Is Murder - They Will Know Another


Meshiaak - Last Breath Taken
Metal Allegiance - Iron Fist


Rock/Metal Songs that contain the word "SON" in the title!
Coroner - Son Of Lilith
Mnemic - Sons Of The System
Sevendust - Angel's Son
Amon Amarth - God, His Son and Holy Whore
Manowar - The Sons Of Odin
Kreator - Son Of Evil
Killswitch Engage - To The Sons Of Man
Iron Maiden - Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son
The Cult - Wild Hearted Son
Black Dahlia Murder - Vlad, Son of the Dragon




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