• HAUGMETAL August 23 2016 Playlist



    Skeletonwitch – Well of Despair
    Charred Walls Of The Damned – The Soulless


    Metallica – Hardwired
    Devin Townsend – Stormbending


    Opeth – Sorceress
    Alter Bridge – Show Me A Leader


    Darkthrone – Tundra Leech
    Superheist – Hands Up High


    Serpentine Dominion – The Vengeance in Me
    Epica – Edge of the Blade


    Architects – All Love Is Lost
    Evergrey – Distance


    Anaal Nathrakh – Depravity Favours the Bold
    Sabaton – Shiroyama
    Heaven Shall Burn – They Shall Not Pass


    Brujeria – Profecia Del Anticristo
    Russian Circles – Calla
    Sonata Arctica – Closer To An Animal


    Insomnium – Winter’s Gate (Ed: 1st 12 mins only played)


    Vader – Piesc I Stal
    Metal Allegiance – Iron Fist


    RANDOM REQUESTS – Songs that start with “drum intro’s”!!! Part.2
    Death – To Forgive Is to Suffer
    Overkill – Thanx For Nothin’
    Slayer – Epidemic
    Sepultura – Territory
    Napalm Death – Suffer The Children
    Judas Priest – Painkiller
    Iron Maiden – Run To The Hills
    Exodus – Iconoclasm
    King Parrot – Silly ‘Ol Mate
    Strapping Young Lad – Oh My Fucking God




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