• HAUGMETAL July 12 2016 Playlist



    Katatonia – Passer
    The Amity Affliction – This Could Be Heartbreak


    Gojira – Only Pain
    Volbeat – For Evigt
    Meshiaak – Chronicles Of The Dead


    Dreadnaught – The Hated
    Vimic – My Fate
    Despised Icon – One Last Martini


    Sodom – In Retribution
    Anno Domini – Fire Upon Eden


    Whitechapel – Bring Me Home
    Witherscape – In The Eyes Of Idols
    Cog – The Spine


    Anaal Nathrakh – Powerslave
    Parkway Drive – Devil’s Calling


    Church of Misery – The Hell Benders
    Haken – Earthrise
    Grand Magus – Forged in Iron – Crowned in Steel


    Be’lakor – Whelm


    Rock/Metal REQUESTS! Songs that contain the word “TIME” in the title!
    Iron Maiden – Caught Somewhere In Time
    Death Angel – Seemingly Endless Time
    KoRn – Did My Time
    Dark Angel – Time Does Not Heal
    Helmet – In the Meantime
    Anthrax – Got the Time
    Overkill – Time To Kill
    Dream Theater – Take the Time
    Animals As Leaders – Tempting Time
    Allegiance – Time To React



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