• HAUGMETAL June 28 2016 Playlist



    Whitechapel – Elitist Ones
    Sabaton – The Lost Battalion


    Gojira – Only Pain
    Kvelertak – Bronsegud


    Sydonia – Eyes Of Sand
    Despised Icon – Inner Demons


    Periphery – The Price Is Wrong
    Candlemass – Sinister and Sweet
    Gruesome – Forces Of Death


    KING – Reclaim The Darkness
    October Tide – Reckless Abandon


    Volbeat – Mary Jane Kelly
    Suidakra – Lion Of Darcania


    Acolyte – Space and Time
    Hed Pe – JahKnow
    Stone Sour – Running Free


    Steve Vai – Dark Matter
    Death Angel – Breakaway
    Lacuna Coil – The House Of Shame


    Be’lakor – An Ember’s Arc
    Haken – Red Giant


    RANDOM REQUESTS – Songs that contain a “colour’ in the title!
    Judas Priest – The Green Manalishi (With The Two-Pronged Crown)
    The Dillinger Escape Plan – Gold Teeth on a Bum
    Sodom – Agent Orange
    Danzig – Dirty Black Summer
    Meshuggah – Electric Red
    Probot – Red War (feat. Max Cavalera)
    Mnemic – The Silver Drop
    Acid Bath – The Blue
    Slayer – Psychopathy Red
    Static-X – Black and White
    Chimaira – Painting The White To Grey
    Type O Negative – Green Man



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