HAUGMETAL March 22 2016 Playlist


Killswitch Engage - Just Let Go

Mortiis - The Great Leap

Anthrax - Defend Avenge

Steel Panther - If You Really, Really Love Me (Live Acoustic)

Amon Amarth - On a Sea of Blood

Surgical Meth Machine - I Want More

Church of Misery - Doctor Death

Filter - Nothing In My Hands

Kverlertak - 1985

The Levitation Hex - Disrate

Anvil - Up, Down, Sideways

Van Canto - Clashings on Armour Plates

Blaze Bayley - A Thousand Years

Silt - Unscent

Redemption - The Center of the Fire

Rotten Sound - Fear Of Shadows

Witchcraft - An Exorcism Of Doubts

Rotting Christ - Komx Om Pax

Spiritual Beggars - Dark Light Child

Textures - Erosion

Ivar Bjørnson & Einar Selvik?s Skuggsjá - Kvervandi

RANDOM REQUESTS! Songs that contain the word "PRAY" or "PRAYER" in the title!

Sevendust - Prayer

Devil Driver - Pray For Villains

Iron Maiden - No Prayer For The Dying

Goatsnake - Prayer For A Dying

OSI - Enemy Prayer

Marduk - Cold Mouth Prayer

Ghost - Satan Prayer

Dead Letter Circus - Say Your Prayers

Armoured Angel - Pray for me/Elegy

Katatonia - First Prayer

Metal Church - Watch The Children Pray


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