HAUGMETAL May 17 2016 Playlist

Death Angel - Lost
Caliban - Mein schwarzes Herz


Lacuna Coil - Blood, Tears, Dust
Katatonia - Old Heart Falls


Whitechapel - Mark of the Blade
Ihsahn - Pressure


Gojira - Stranded
Hatebreed - From Grace We've Fallen


Cult Of Luna - A Greater Call
Devildriver - Bad Deeds


Jim Breuer - Thrash
Destruction - Elegant Pigs


Gorguts - Pleiades' Dust


Nails - Violence Is Forever
Long Distance Calling - Reconnect
Be'lakor - Roots to Sever


Kvelertak - Nattesferd


Grand Magus - Born For Battle (Black Dog of Brocéliande)




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