HAUGMETAL Playlist April 15 2014


Artist               Song
Anthrax - Neon Knights
Black Label Society - Heart of Darkness
Animals As Leaders - Physical Education
Arch Enemy - War Eternal
Menace - Everything and Nothing
Devil You Know - A New Beginning
Eyehategod - Quitter's Offensive
High On Fire - Bloody Knuckles
Ministry - Jesus Built My Hotrod
Steel Panther - The Burden of Being Wonderful
Aborted - The Extirpation Agenda
Forever The Optimist - Warning Horns
Interview w/ David Vincent from MORBID ANGEL
Interview Part.1
Morbid Angel - Pain Divine
Interview Part.2
Morbid Angel - Blood On My Hands
Interview Part.3
Morbid Angel - Rapture
Morbid Angel - God Of Emptiness
Hellyeah - Cross To Bier (Cradle Of Bones)
Boris The Blade - Malevolent
Machine Head - Old
Icecocoon - Wreckage
RANDOM REQUESTS containing the word ‘BONES’ in the song title!
Overkill - Skull And Bones
Alice in Chains - Them Bones
Gojira - Backbone
8 Foot Sativa - Back to Barebone
Meshuggah - Break Those Bones Whose Sinews Gave It Motion
Sadus - Valley Of Dry Bones
Fear Factory - Bonescraper
AC/DC - Giving The Dog A Bone
Gwar - Ham On The Bone
Kreator - Bone Breaker
Parkway Drive - Boneyards
Baroness - Take My Bones Away

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