Haugmetal Playlist Dec 18 2012 – FINAL SHOW for the year!

TOP 10 ALBUMS FOR 2012  For full list see Top 10 Post
AH = Andrew Haug
HM = Listeners of Haugmetal
Down Witchtripper
AH – 10 OSI Guards
HM – 10 Kreator Death To The World
AH – 9 The Levitation Hex Manipuliar
HM – 9 Paradise Lost Honesty In Death
AH – 8 Anathema Untouchable Part.1
HM – 8 – Tie Breaking Orbit My Direction
HM – 8 – Tie Be’Lakor Remants
AH – 7 Soulfly World Scum
HM – 7 Ne Obliviscaris Forget Not
Architects These Colours Don’t Run
HM – 6 Twelve Foot Ninja Vanguard
AH – 5 Grand Magus The Sword Of The Ocean
HM – 5 Lamb Of God Ghost Walking
Prong Revenge
Napalm Death Everyday Pox
Goatwhore When Steel & Bone Meet
HM – 4 Testament True American Hate
AH – 4 Devin Townsend Project True North
Fear Factory Recharger
AH – 3 Klone Rocket Smoke
HM – 2 Deftones Romantic Dreams
AH – 2 Stone Sour Absolute Zero
HM – 1/AH – 1 Gojira Liquid Fire

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  1. Andrew

    Some basic suggestions/queries. note that I’ve only listened to the live streaming in limited amounts:

    No metalcore please. anything ‘screamo’ is just rubbish. (I know music is subjective, but I really cant handle this stuff at all).
    Play some extreme metal and brutal death metal,
    Will there be podcasts?
    When you browse around the website, the live streaming stops. very annoying.

    otherwise well done for getting this thing up and running Haugy!!

    Reply - January 10, 2013 at 2:36 pm

    • andrewhaug

      Hi Andrew, We appreciate your feedback, this is a Rock-Metal Radio Station celebrating 40+ years of Heavy Music so the idea is to cover it all so you will hear stuff you love & hate just the nature of the genre. As far as you other enquiries, due to legalities with Royalty licencing there is no current Podcasting of programs. Also you will see in the FAQ section the site’s player has a green + icon on the bottom far right corner of the player. Click that and it will pop-out so you can browse around the site. Cheers Haugy! \m/

      Reply - January 11, 2013 at 9:51 am

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