HAUGMETAL Playlist December 3 2013


Motörhead - End Of Time
Kylesa - We're Taking This
Five Finger Death Punch - Wrecking Ball
Kill Devil Hill - Endless Static
Deicide - Thou Begone
Anders Bjorler - Lost In The Depths
I Exist - Sorrow On Hill 105
Interview w/ Lucius Borich from The Nerve (replay)
The Nerve - Be Myself
Alice In Chains - Hollow
DevilDriver - Desperate Times
The Occupants - Wonderland
Interview w/ Michael Starr from STEEL PANTHER
Interview Part.1
Steel Panther - 17 Girls In A Row
Interview Part.2
Steel Panther - Turn Out The Lights
Interview Part.3
Steel Panther - It Won't Suck Itself
Death Angel - Caster of Shame
Caligula's Horse - Water's Edge
Fleshgod Apocalypse - Elegy
Holy Grail - Ride the Void
RANDOM REQUESTS  containing the word 'POWER" in the song title!
Twisted Sister - The Power And The Glory
Overkill - Powersurge
Napalm Death - Siege of Power
Iron Maiden - Powerslave
Fear Factory - Powershifter
Monster Magnet - Powertrip
Chimaira - Power Trip
Death - Flesh and the Power It Holds
Kataklysm - The Chains Of Power
Damageplan - New Found Power
Dungeon - A Rise To Power

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