• HAUGMETAL Playlist February 18 2014


    ARTIST         SONG
    Orchid – Capricorn
    Periphery – The Parade Of Ashes
    Sonata Arctica – The Wolves Die Young
    Sydonia – Drag You Out
    The Haunted – Eye of the Storm
    Grand Magus – Dominator
    Caliban – Chaos – Creation
    Behemoth – Furor Divinus
    Iced Earth – The Culling
    Voyager – Breaking Down
    Carnifex – Die Without Hope
    Cynic – The Lion’s Roar
    Adrenaline Mob – Men Of Honor
    Tuomas Holopainen – A Lifetime Of Adventure
    De La Tierra – Matilda Historia
    Throwdown – Avow
    Crosses – The Epilogue
    Sahg – Ether
    Aeon Of Horus – Release
    I Killed The Prom Queen – Thirty Ones & Sevens
    Killswitch Engage – In Due Time
    Iskald – Iskald
    RANDOM REQUESTS containing the word ‘SATAN’ in the song title!
    Dimmu Borgir – Satan My Master
    Deicide – When Satan Rules His World
    Ghost – Satan Prayer
    Strapping Young Lad – Satan’s Ice Cream Truck
    Venom – In League With Satan
    Behemoth – The Satanist
    Possessed – Satan’s Curse
    Zimmers Hole – When You Were Shouting at the Devil… We Were in League with Satan
    Hobbs Angel Of Death – Satans Crusade
    Gorgoroth – Incipit Satan
    Cathedral – Satanikus Robotikus
    Emperor – Inno A Satana

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