HAUGMETAL Playlist January 13 2015


Wednesday 13 - Keep Watching The Skies
Periphery - The Scourge

Chaos Divine - Soldiers
Judas Priest - Sword Of Damocles

Napalm Death - Metaphorically Screw You
Melechesh - Multiple Truths

Angra - Black Hearted Soul
Interview w/ Tom Hunting from Exodus
Interview Part 1

Voros - Mired In Perpetual Deceit

Diablo Blvd - Rise like Lions

Blind Guardian - Prophecies

Sylosis - Dormant Heart
Interview w/ Tom Hunting from Exodus continued...
Interview Part 2
Exodus - Blacklist
Interview Part 3
Exodus - Shovel Headed Kill Machine
Interview Part 4
Exodus - Collateral Damage
Exodus - Deliver Us To Evil

Slayer - Implode
Battle Beast - I Want The World... And Everything In It
Angelus Apatrida - Tug Of War

ROCK/METAL Requests containing the word 'ANGEL’ in the title!
Arch Enemy - Angelclaw
Dream Theater - On The Backs Of Angels
Morbid Angel - Angel Of Disease
Black Sabbath - Rusty Angels
Iron Maiden - The Angel And The Gambler
Spiritual Beggars - Angel Of Betrayal
Slayer - Angel Of Death
The Devin Townsend Project - Angel
Children Of Bodom - Angels Don't Kill
Poison - Fallen Angel

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