HAUGMETAL Playlist July 22 2014


Alestorm - Surf Squid Warfare
Judas Priest - Down In Flames

Overkill - Armorist
Cannibal Corpse - Sadistic Embodiment

Ill Nino - Not Alive in My Nightmare
Opeth - Cusp Of Eternity
Goatwhore - Unraveling Paradise

Godsmack - 1000hp
Prong - The Barriers
John Garcia - Confusion

Hammerfall - Bushido
Wovenwar - Tempest

Entombed A.D. - Second To None
Fallujah - Carved From Stone

The Haunted - My Salvation
Novembers Doom - Just Breathe

Sleep - The Clarity
Belphegor - Black Winged Torment

Dog Fashion Disco - Scarlet Fever
Eluveitie - Sucellos

Accept - Stampede
RANDOM REQUESTS! ROCK/METAL Songs released ONLY in the year #1991!
Sepultura - Murder
Metallica - Sad But True
Skid Row - Slave To The Grind
Soundgarden - Jesus Christ Pose
Mr. Bungle - Quote Unquote
Death - Flattening Of Emotions
Metal Church - In Harm's Way
Morbid Angel - Day of Suffering
Carcass - Pedigree Butchery
Entombed - Crawl

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