HAUGMETAL Playlist July 23 2013


Five Finger Death Punch - Lift Me Up
Amorphis - Mission
Avenged Sevenfold - Hail to the King
Iwrestledabearonce - Firebees
Karnivool - The Last Few
Amon Amarth - Coming of the Tide
Carcass - Captive Bolt Pistol
Sirenia - Cold Caress
Devildriver - Ruthless
James LaBrie - Agony
Palms - Shortwave radio
Chimaira - No Mercy
Witherscape - Astrid Falls
Turisas - Ten More Miles
CRANIAL CRITIC – X3 New Releases reviewed Live to Air
Brian Giffin – Editor http://www.loudmag.com.au/
3) The Devil Rides Out / Ugly Creatures - Empty Sky
2) Philip H. Anselmo and The Illegals / Walk Through Exits Only - Betrayed
1) Orpheus Omega / Reillusion - De6enerate
Watain - All That May Bleed
Sodom - Epitome Of Torture
The Hazard Circular - Born Awake, Forever Asleep
Circle II Circle - Without A Sound
Pantera - Fucking Hostile
Morbid Angel - Thy Kingdom Come
Corrosion Of Conformity - Congratulations Song
Soen - Savia
Queensrÿche - Empire
Sydonia - I Will Not Serve
Bathory - Woman Of Dark Desires
Death Angel - Why You Do This
Katatonia - Dead Letters
Turbid North - Rift

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