HAUGMETAL Playlist July 28 2015


Refused - Elektra
Disturbed - The Venegful One

Act Of Defiance - Refrain And Fracture
Cattle Decapitation - Plagueborne

Ghost - Cirice
Witchgrinder - Bloodlust

The Sword - Empty Temples
Enforcer - Undying Evil
Orpheus Omega - Tomorrow's Fiends And Yesterday's Ghosts

Fear Factory - Dielectric
High On Fire - Slave The Hive
Northlane - Obelisk

Metal Allegiance - Can't Kill The Devil
Symphony X - Nevermore
Soulfly - We Sold Our Souls To Metal

Nile - Call To Destruction
Dragonforce - Cry Thunder (Live)

Soilwork - The Ride Majestic
Hope Drone - The Waves Forever Shatter Upon Our Shores
Armageddon - Rendition

Children Of Bodom - Morrigan
Lamb Of God - Footprints

Kataklysm - Soul Destroyer

RANDOM REQUESTS! "Songs by Rock/Metal Bands that have changed vocalists"!
Arch Enemy - The Immortal
Morbid Angel - Day of Suffering
Anthrax - Only
Sepultura - Inner Self (Live 91')
Black Sabbath - Die Young
Killswitch Engage - Rose Of Sharyn
Iron Maiden - Women In Uniform
Alice in Chains - Your Decision
Skid Row - The Threat
Iced Earth - I Walk Alone
Faith No More - Surprise! You're Dead!


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