HAUGMETAL Playlist June 10 2014


Dedicated to the memory of Colin Grigson R.I.P. \m/
Bad News - Hey Mr Bassman
Prong - Windows Shut

Hellyeah - Demons In The Dirt
Body Count - Talk Shit, Get Shot

Fozzy - One Crazed Anarchist
Coroner - The Favorite Game

Fu Manchu - Invaders on My Back
I Am Duckeye - Grip It

Opeth - Cusp Of Eternity
Septic Flesh - Burn

Godflesh - Ringer
Interview w/ Bill Steer from CARCASS
Interview Part.1
Arkan - My Reverence
Mastodon - High Road

Burzum - Heill Odinn
Voyager - The Domination Game

Interview w/ Bill Steer from CARCASS cont...
Interview Part.2
Carcass - Maggot Colony
Interview Part.3
Carcass - Unfit For Human Consumption
Interview Part.4
Carcass - Mount Of Execution
Carcass - No Love Lost

Cannabis Corpse - Zero Weed Tolerance
Mayhem - Throne Of Time

RANDOM REQUESTS containing the word ‘DARKNESS’ in the song title!
Ozzy Osbourne - Waiting For Darkness
Lacuna Coil - Trip The Darkness
Killswitch Engage - Fixation On The Darkness
Thy Art Is Murder - Reign Of Darkness
Dark Angel - Darkness Descends
Soilwork - Light Discovering Darkness
Testament - 3 Days in Darkness
Immortal - Sons Of Northern Darkness
King Diamond - A Mansion In Darkness
Machine Head - Darkness Within
Deicide - Into The Darkness You Go

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