• HAUGMETAL Playlist Mar 12 2013

    Soulfly World Scum
    Kvelertak Trepan
    Soilwork Drowning With Silence
    Anthrax Smokin’
    Intronaut The Welding
    Wednesday 13 Too Fast For Blood
    Device Vilify
    This Is Hell The Enforcer
    Darkthrone Dead Early
    Interview w/ Petri Lindroos from Ensiferum Part.1
    Ensiferum In My Sword I Trust
    Spiritual Beggars Sweet Magic Pain
    Cradle Of Filth Manticore
    Thy Art Is Murder Immolation
    Coheed And Cambria The Hard Set
    Finntroll Skogsblotter
    Blood Tsunami The Brazen Bull
    Interview w/ Petri Lindroos from Ensiferum Part.2
    Ensiferum Retribution Shall Be Mine
    Interview w/ Petri Lindroos from Ensiferum Part.3
    Ensiferum Unsung Heroes
    TRILOGY OF RIFFS Shaun Stevens – Perth W.A.
    No.3 Sabaton Coat Of Arms
    No.2 Scar Symmetry Ghost Prototype 2 (Deus Ex Machina)
    No.1 Children Of Bodom Bodom Beach Terror
    Long Distance Calling The Flood Inside
    RANDOM RIFFS (Requests).
    Rebel Meets Rebel Rebel Meets Rebel
    Faith No More Jizzlobber
    Thin Lizzy Jailbreak
    Skinless Overlord
    Opeth Benighted
    Lamb Of God Set To Fail
    Zimmers Hole When You Were Shouting At The Devil…

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