• HAUGMETAL Playlist Mar 19 2013

    Avantasia The Watchmakers Dream
    Soilwork Vesta
    Intronaut Eventual
    Anthrax TNT
    Stone Sour Do Me A Favour
    The Dillinger Escape Plan Prancer
    Hemina Haunting Me
    Darkthrone Dead Early
    Device Vilify
    Obituary Body bag
    Lord Betrayal Blind
    Interview w/ Ben Ward from Orange Goblin
    Orange Goblin Red Tide Rising
    Black Sabbath Symptoms Of The Universe
    Clutch Crucial Velocity
    The Amenta Disintergrate
    Spiritual Beggars One Man’s Curse
    Interview w/ Duff McKagan’s Loaded Part.1
    Duff McKagan’s Loaded Sick
    Interview w/ Duff McKagan’s Loaded Part.2
    Duff McKagan’s Loaded Indian Summer
    Guns ‘N’ Roses My Michelle
    Killswitch Engage New Awakening
    TRILOGY OF RIFFS Frederick Zunko – Perth W.A.
    No.3 Kreator Pleasure To Kill
    No.2 Slayer Hell Awaits
    No.1 Venom Black Metal
    Cradle Of Filth Frost On Her Pillow
    RANDOM RIFFS (Requests).
    Death Empty Words
    Entombed Demon
    Kamelot Rule The World
    Van Halen I’m The One
    Megadeth Good Mourning / Black Friday
    Cavalera Conspiracy Must Kill

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