HAUGMETAL Playlist March 17 2015


Psycroptic - Cold
Nightwish - Elan

4ARM - Poisoned Mind
Soilwork - Follow The Hollow (Live)

Stoneghost - Faceless Ghost
Chaos Divine - Tides

Enslaved - Building With Fire
Interview w/ Hellhammer from MAYHEM
Interview Part.1
Mayhem - PsyWar
Interview Part.2
Mayhem - Pandaemon
Interview Part.3
Mayhem - Trinity
Arcturus - Star-Crossed

Moonspell - Extinct
The Project Hate MCMXCIX - Into the Mouth of Belial

Korpiklaani - Lempo
Napalm Death - Stubborn Stains

Arcane - Instinct
Kyzer Soze - Soulless

Periphery - Graveless

Guest Programming w/ Ryan & Mike fromCHAOS DIVINE
Chaos Divine - Landmines

Mastodon - Ember City
Forstora - The Link is Broken

The Devin Townsend Project - Kingdom
Rise of Avernus - As Soleness Recedes

Tool - Parabola
Chronolyth - The Heresy (Crucify Your God)

Karnivool - The Last Few
Opia - Signs

Gojira - Vacuity

Chaos Divine - Painted With Grey

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