HAUGMETAL Playlist March 18 2014


Artist               Song
Arch Enemy - Ravenous
Kill Devil Hill - Crown Of Thorns
Lacuna Coil - Zombies
Whitechapel - The Saw Is the Law
Aeon Of Horus - Radiate
Killer Be Killed - Face Down
Interview w/ Mark & Eddie from SUICIDE SILENCE
Interview Part.1
Suicide Silence - Destruction Of A Statue (Live feat Jonny Davy)
Interview Part.2
Suicide Silence - You Only Live Once (Live feat Randy Blythe)
Interview Part.3
Suicide Silence - O.C.D.
Forever The Optimist - End of Antics
Aborted - Necrotic Manifesto
Edguy - Sabre & Torch
Interview w/ Kobi Farhi from ORPHANED LAND
Interview Part.1
Orphaned Land - Through Fire And Water
Interview Part.2
Orphaned Land - Our Own Messiah
Interview Part.3
Orphaned Land - The Simple Man
Interview Part.4
Orphaned Land - All Is One
Gus G. - Redemption (Feat. Michael Starr)
Triptykon - Demon Pact
Devil You Know - Seven Years Alone
Interview w Jake Luhrs from August Burns Red 
Interview Part.1
August Burns Red - Internal Cannon
Interview Part.2
August Burns Red - Sincerity
Interview Part.3
August Burns Red - Beauty In Tragedy
Insomnium - Black Heart Rebellion
Vanishing Point - When Truth Lies
Carcass - Buried Dreams

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