HAUGMETAL Playlist May 12 2015


Coal Chamber - The Bridges You Burn
Prong - Doomsday

Nightrage - The Puritan
Korpiklaani - Luontoni

Klone - Gone Up In Flames
Oceano - Transient Gateways

Slayer - When The Stillness Comes
King Parrot - Need No Savior
Katatonia - Teargas (acoustic 2015)

Sigh - The Tombfiller
Sirenia - Elixir

Arcturus - The Arcturian Sign
Make Them Suffer - Blood Moon

Paradise Lost - Beneath Broken Earth
Helloween - Battle's Won

Six Feet Under - Slit Wrists
Gruesome - Demonized
Leprous - Third Law

Unleashed - Defenders Of Midgard
Minsk - Within And Without
Kamelot - Liar Liar (Wasteland Monarchy)

Drudkh - To The Epoch Of Unbowed Poets

ROCK/METAL Requests - Comedy Metal Songs
Bad News - Bad News
Spinal Tap - Stonehenge
Steel Panther - Community Property
Austrian Death Machine - Get To The Choppa
Brian Posehn - Metal By Numbers
I Am Duckeye - Punching Dicks
Scatterbrain - Don't Call Me Dude
Punky Bruster - Cryptic Coroner - Recipe For Bait
Steve Hughes - Death Metal And Cooking
Anthrax - I'm The Man (Def Uncensored Version)
Zimmers Hole - Anonymous Esophagus
Dream Evil - The Book Of Heavy Metal (The March Of The Metallians)
Strapping Young Lad - Satan's Ice Cream Truck


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