• HAUGMETAL Playlist May 20 2014



    Menace – I Live With Your Ghost
    Crossburner – Chaos Reigns

    Down – Sufferer’s Years
    Deathstars – All The Devils Toys

    Killer Be Killed – Face Down

    Coroner – Masked Jackal
    Hailmary – Navigate The Sunrise (In the Black Hole)

    Anathema – The Lost Song Part 3
    Slayer – Implode

    Wovenwar – All Rise
    Casualties Of Cool – Mountaintop

    Sabaton – No Bullets Fly

    DJ Supporter – David Marusic / Sydney
    3. Chimaira – Year Of The Snake
    2. Northlane – The Calling
    1. Dethklok – Bloodlines

    Agalloch – The Astral Dialogue
    Bound For Ruin – From Victim To Villain
    Arch Enemy – Stolen Life

    Suicide Silence – Cease To Exist
    Tombs – Seance
    Voyager – Breaking Down

    Make Them Suffer – Let Me In

    RANDOM REQUESTS containing the word ‘DIE’ in the song title!
    Robb Flynn – Die Young
    Death – Left To Die
    Forbidden – Adapt or Die
    Black Sabbath – Never Say Die
    Iron Maiden – Die With Your Boots On
    Sentenced – Cross My Heart And Hope To Die
    Alice In Chains – Rain When I Die
    Bathory – A Fine Day To Die
    Exodus – Good Day To Die
    DevilDriver – Die (And Die Now)

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