HAUGMETAL Playlist November 17 2015


Anthrax - Evil Twin
Queensryche - Guardian

Vision of Disorder - Electric Sky
Witchcraft - The Outcast

Cryptopsy - The Knife, The Head and What Remains

Euro Tour Update with Jim Grey / Caligula's Horse
Caligula's Horse - Daughter of the Mountain

Gama Bomb - Avenge Me!

Baroness - Shock Me

Euro Tour Update with Brendan Brown / Ne Obliviscaris
Ne Obliviscaris - Pyrrhic

Textures - New Horizons
Unearth - Guards Of Contagion
Revulsed - Rapacious Engorgement

Killing Joke - Big Buzz
Ouroboros - Catholicon

Swallow The Sun - 10 Silver Bullets

Abbath - Ashes Of The Damned
ROCK/METAL Requests - Songs that contain the word "NECRO" in the title!
Whitechapel - Necromechanical
Slayer - Necrophobic
Sepultura - Necromancer
Kreator - Hordes Of Chaos (A Necrologue For The Elite)
Overkill - Necroshine
Taberah - Necromancer
Cannibal Corpse - Necrosadistic Warning
Slayer - Necrophiliac (Live in California 9/85)
Bathory - Necromansy
Tortured - Necro Autopsy
Abramelin - Grave Ideals (Nekromaniac)


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