• HAUGMETAL Playlist November 26 2013


    Pestilence – Displaced
    Kill Devil Hill – Stained Glass Sadness
    Devin Townsend Project – Vampira
    The Nerve – The Insight
    Ihsahn – Pulse
    Deicide – Godkill
    Devil You Know – Shut It Down (Demo 2013)
    Ghost – If You Have Ghosts
    Skeletonwitch – This Evil Embrace
    Anders Bjorler – Uncovering The Mechanism
    Octanic – Deadworld
    CRANIAL CRITIC – x2 *New Releases reviewed Live to Air
    Scott Adams – Editor http://metalasfuck.net/zine/
    2)* Avatarium – Avatarium / Lady in the Lamp
    1)* The Eternal – When The Circle Of Light Begins To Fade / In Severance
    Rhapsody of Fire – Rising From Tragic Flames
    Kataklysm – Fire
    Five Finger Death Punch – Weight Beneath My Sin
    Satyricon – Phoenix
    Circles – Radiant
    Hail of Bullets – The Desert Fox
    RANDOM REQUESTS  containing the word ‘METAL” in the title!
    Punky Bruster – Heavy Metal Mama
    Dream Evil – The Book Of Heavy Metal (The March Of The Metallians)
    Venom – Black Metal
    Anthrax – Metal Thrashing Mad
    Wizard – Metal
    Exodus – Metal Command
    Quiet Riot – Metal Health
    Manowar – Kings Of Metal
    Metallica – Metal Militia
    Steel Panther – Death To All But Metal
    Strapping Young Lad – Far Beyond Metal
    Judas Priest – Metal Gods

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