HAUGMETAL Playlist September 1 2015


Amorphis - Sacrifice
Black Majesty - Vlad The Impaler

Voros - Diseased Deity
Metal Allegiance - Scars

Ghost - Spirit
Trivium - Silence In The Snow
Parkway Drive - Crushed

Iron Maiden - Speed of Light

Act Of Defiance - Dead Stare
Kylesa - Night Drive

Soilwork - Death In General
The Sword - Early Snow

Advent Sorrow - Shining Hollow
Saralisse - Into The Sky

Graveyard - Can't Walk Out
W.A.S.P. - Last Runaway
One Machine - The Grand Design

Nile - In The Name Of Amun
Myrkur - Skøgen Skulle Dø
Bullet For My Valentine - Army Of Noise

Nucleust - Faith By The Sword

RANDOM REQUESTS! 'One Song Only' from your favourite 'Metal Sub Genre'!
Exodus - Bonded By Blood
Hate - Erased
Korn - Blind
Mayhem - The Freezing Moon (Live)
Opeth - Demon Of The Fall
Paradise Lost - An Eternity Of Lies
Fear Factory - Self Bias Resistor
Sonata Arctica - The Last Amazing Grays
Amon Amarth - Runes To My Memory


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