HAUGMETAL Playlist September 29 2015


Iron Maiden - Tears Of A Clown
Devil You Know - Stay Of Execution

Stratovarius - Rise Above It
Slayer - Atrocity Vendor

Parkway Drive - Writings On The Wall
Skindred - Under Attack

Caligula's Horse - Marigold
Philm - Fan Boy

Scale the Summit - Trapped in Ice
W.A.S.P. - Shotgun
Gods Of Eden - Lost in Fables

Riverside - Saturate Me
Annihilator - My Revenge
Gay Paris - She Haunts Every Dance Floor

TesseracT - Phoenix
Pentagram - Walk Alone
My Dying Bride - I Celebrate Your Skin

Leaves' Eyes - Vengeance Venom
Deafheaven - Brought To The Water

Once Human - Pick Your Poison
Teramaze - For The Innocent

Crossfaith - Ghost In The Mirror

ROCK/METAL Requests containing the word 'HEART’ in the title!
Cavalera Conspiracy - Hearts Of Darkness
Accept - Metal Heart
HammerFall - Hearts On Fire
Carcass - Heartwork
Nevermore - The Heart Collector
Immortal - At the Heart of Winter
Mötley Crüe - Kickstart My Heart
Dio - Sacred Heart
Katatonia - The Racing Heart
Queensrÿche - Hand on Heart


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