• HAUGMETAL Show August 15 2017



    Dead Cross – Divine Faith
    August Burns Red – Invisible Enemy


    Satyricon – Deep Calleth Upon Deep
    Darkcell – Hail To The Freaks


    Paradise Lost – From The Gallows
    Lo! – As Fools Ripen


    Trivium – The Sin And The Sentence
    Ne Obliviscaris – Intra Venus


    Act of Defiance – M.I.A.
    Contrive – Connect-dead
    Prong – Forced Into Tolerance


    Septic Flesh – Enemy
    Majora – Aphotic
    Enslaved – Storm Son


    Caligula’s Horse – Will’s Song (Let the Colours Run)
    Decrepit Birth – Hieroglyphic
    Belphegor – Totenkult – Exegesis Of Deterioration


    Masterplan – Still We Go
    Venom Inc. – Dein Fleisch
    The Lurking Fear – The Cold Jaws Of Death


    Eluveitie – Lvgvs


    HEAVY REQUESTS! Choose ONE only!
    The WORST Metal Song released by your favourite band!
    Megadeth – Anarchy In The U.K.
    Pantera – Good Friends And A Bottle Of Pills
    Slayer – Stain Of Mind
    Coroner – I Want You (She’s So Heavy)
    Machine Head – From This Day
    Nevermore – The Blue Marble And The New Soul
    Fear Factory – Back The Fuck Up [Featuring B-Real]
    Dissection – Maha Kali
    Twisted Sister – Leader Of The Pack
    Metallica – Invisible Kid


    HaugMetal Show

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