HAUGMETAL Show August 8 2017



Septic Flesh - Faceless
Masterplan - Someone's Crying


Prong - Off The Grid
Epica - The Solace System


Paradise Lost - No Passage For The Dead
Terror Universal - Dig You A Hole


Contrive - Connect-dead
Dead Cross - Shillelagh
In This Moment - Black Wedding (Featuring Rob Halford)


Trivium - The Sin And The Sentence
King Parrot - Ten Pounds Of Shit In A Five Pound Bag
Crossfaith - Diavolos


Caligula's Horse - Will's Song (Let the Colours Run)


The Lurking Fear - With Death Engraved In Their Bones
Ne Obliviscaris - Intra Venus


August Burns Red - Invisible Enemy
Myrkur - Maneblot
Arch Enemy - The World Is Yours


Thy Art Is Murder - Fire In The Sky
Flynn Effect - Gone
Decrepit Birth - Spirit Guide


Igorrr - Spaghetti Forever
Limbonic Art - Disciplina Arcani


HEAVY REQUESTS - Songs that contain an 'animal name' in the title!
Nevermore - I Am the Dog
Mastodon - The Wolf Is Loose
Coroner - Serpent Moves
Alice In Chains - Rooster
AC/DC - Dog Eat Dog
Gojira - Flying Whales
Carach Angren - When Crows Tick on Windows
Deftones - Rats!Rats!Rats!
Amon Amarth - Cry Of The Black Birds
Morbid Angel - Lion's Den


HaugMetal Show

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