• HAUGMETAL Show March 28 2017



    Darkest Hour – None of this is the Truth
    Steel Panther – That’s When You Came In


    Warbringer – Remain Violent
    Mastodon – Clandestiny


    Solstafir – Isafold
    The Obsessed – Sacred


    Dimmu Borgir – Born Treacherous (Live)
    Gruesome – Fragments of Psyche


    Sleepmakeswaves – To light and then return
    Lock Up – Desolation Architect
    John 5 & The Creatures – Making Monsters


    Me and That Man – Better The Devil I Know
    Northlane – Colourwave
    Obituary – End It Now


    Res – Horn
    The Night Flight Orchestra – Midnight Flyer
    King of Asgard – Death and a New Sun


    Damnations Day – Colours of Darkness
    Memoriam – Reduced To Zero


    Carach Angren – In De Naam Van De Duivel
    Fit For An Autopsy – Too Late


    Frankenbok – Voodoo, Inc.
    Bands that have had more than 2 drummers over their career?
    Testament – Down for Life
    Trivium – Down From The Sky
    Megadeth – 502
    Iron Maiden – Total Eclipse
    Slayer – Serenity In Murder
    Fear Factory – Invisible Wounds [Dark Bodies]
    Death – Suicide Machine
    Spinal Tap – Sex Farm
    Machine Head – Now I Lay Thee Down
    Chimaira – End It All
    Sepultura – Inner Self


    HaugMetal Show

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