• HAUGMETAL Show October 25 2016 Playlist



    Giraffe Tongue Orchestra – No-One Is Innocent
    Testament – Centuries Of Suffering


    Korn – Black Is The Soul
    Candiria – Behind These Walls


    Wovenwar – World on Fire
    Meshuggah – MonstroCity


    Lamb Of God – The Duke
    Hemina – Moonlight Bride
    Devilment – Full Dark, No Stars


    Steel Panther – She’s Tight
    Serpentine Dominion – Jagged Cross Legions
    Sonata Arctica – Life


    Overkill – Our Finest Hour
    Opeth – Era
    In Flames – Through My Eyes


    The Dillinger Escape Plan – Low Feels Blvd
    Pallbearer – Fear and Fury


    Obituary – Loathe
    Red Fang – No Air
    Anciients – Worshipper


    Vader – Iron Reign


    Claustrofobia – Download Hatred


    RANDOM REQUESTS – Rock/Metal songs that have appeared in movie scenes!
    Quiet Riot – Metal Health
    Tool – Sweat
    Cannibal Corpse – Hammer Smashed Face
    Fear Factory – Zero Signal
    Dokken – Dream Warriors
    Suicidal Tendencies – Institutionalized
    Mastodon – Blood And Thunder
    Megadeth – No More Mr. Nice Guy
    Paradise Lost – Pity The Sadness
    Fastway – Trick Or Treat


    HaugMetal Show


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