• HAUGMETAL Show October 4 2016 Playlist



    Ghost – Square Hammer
    Lacuna Coil – Broken Things


    Airbourne – Get Back Up
    Hammerfall – The Sacred Vow


    Metallica – Moth Into Flames
    The Sword – Early Snow (Acoustic)


    Candiria – One of You Will Betray Me
    Darkthrone – Throw Me Through The Marshes


    Opeth – A Fleeting Glance
    Kai Hansen – Making Headlines


    Giraffe Tongue Orchestra – No-One Is Innocent
    Korn – A Different World (feat. Corey Taylor)


    Meshuggah – By The Ton
    Testament – Brotherhood Of The Snake
    In The Woods… – Devil’s At The Door


    Suicidal Tendencies – Living For Life
    Interview w/ DEVIN TOWNSEND Part.1
    Devin Townsend – Stars
    Interview w/ DEVIN TOWNSEND Part.2
    Devin Townsend – Failure


    Sahg – Devilspeed
    RANDOM REQUESTS – Songs about Space, planets…
    Deep Purple – Space Truckin’
    Mastodon – Once More ‘Round The Sun
    Geezer – Plastic Planet
    Porcupine Tree – Fear Of A Blank Planet
    Pantera – Planet Caravan
    Sepultura – Symptom Of The Universe
    Gojira – Ocean Planet
    Rainbow – Stargazer
    Cynic – The Space For This
    Monster Magnet – Space Lord


    HaugMetal Show

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