HEAVY AT HOME April 10 2017



Above, Below - God Complex
Desecrator - Hellhound


Damnations Day - I Pray
Frankenbok - Drive it into the Ground


Mish - Artax


Mindsnare - Into Infinity
Lazarus Mode - Before I Go Insane


Harlott - The Penitent
Anubis - The Making of Me
Northlane - Solar


Toe To Toe - Sydney


Adrift For Days - The Spinning Wheel


Bound For Ruin - From Victim To Villain
Karnivool - Lifelike
Blood Duster - Northcote
Rome - The Cheerless Dwelling Of An Avaricious Usurer
Vanishing Point - Embodiment
Mortal Sin - Mayhemic Destruction
Rise Of Avernus - The Mire
Daysend - The Blood Of Angels
Alkira - Submission Therapy
In-Extremis - Hybrid Scarifier
Horsehunter - Witchery
King Parrot - Shit on the Liver


Heavy At Home

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