• HEAVY AT HOME April 11 2016 Playlist


    Annihilist – Prevail

    Silt – Urea

    The Levitation Hex – The Things Time Can’t Mend

    Hailmary – Mind

    Casualty Transience – Ocean

    Limb From Limb – The Stench Of Our Victory

    Japam – DK Facepunch

    Chronolyth – Ascension

    Caligula’s Horse – Water’s Edge

    In Malice’s Wake – Light Upon The Wicked

    AUSSIE REQUESTS – Bands from Canberra ONLY!!!

    Armoured Angel – Enigmatise

    Henry’s Anger – One To Fifteen

    Witchskull – Harvest Of The Druid

    Alchemist – Chinese Whispers

    Claret Ash – Effigy of Insolence

    Pod People – Filling the Void

    Aeon Of Horus – Symbiosis

    Whitefall – Causality

    Psychrist – Victual Eclyptic Hate

    Log – The Chimp

    Mytile Vey Lorth – Howling Souls

    Heavy At Home

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