HEAVY AT HOME April 24 2017



Mish – Pinata
Harlott – Better Off Dead


Lazarus Mode – Poison of the Land
Damnations Day – To Begin Again


Superheist – Raise Hell
Anubis – Fool’s Gold
Copia – Nostalgia


Vulvagun – The Spirit of the Beehive
Branch Arterial – Circus


Eternal Rest – Scorned in Fractured Light


I Am Duckeye – Punching Dicks
Alkira – Karmaphala
Twelve Foot Ninja – Collatera
Segression – Fifth of the Fifth
Daysend – September
Recoil – Human Dependency
Hollow World – Wildfire
Our Last Enemy – Devour The Sun
Cog – Silence is Violence
Allegiance – Ripped To Shreds
Hadal Maw – Witch Doctor
Be’lakor – Withering Strands
Lagerstein – Sail Ho!


Heavy At Home

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