• HEAVY AT HOME April 25 2016 Playlist





    Dead Kelly – The Diggers
    AC/DC – Who Made Who
    Segression – Blood Lace Black Day
    The Poor – Man Of War
    Alchemist – Eve of the War
    Twelve Foot Ninja – War
    Chaos Divine – Badge of Honour
    Gospel of the Horns – A Call To Arms
    Dungeon – Gallipoli
    Headbore – Trenches
    The Spiral Sequence – Sacrifice
    Black Majesty – God Of War
    Bestial Warlust – Blood & Valour
    Bronson – Blood Brothers
    Karnivool – A.M.War
    Pegazus – Bastards Of War
    Blackened Angel – Civil War
    The Furor – Thrive On War
    The Mark of Cain – Battlesick
    Atomizer – The War That Never Ended
    Silent Knight – Prophets Of War
    Thy Art Is Murder – Holy War
    Metreya – Machines Of War
    Brimstone – Words of War
    Diprosus – Children Of War


    Heavy At Home

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