HEAVY AT HOME Aug 28 2017



Arcadia - Condemned Master
Darkcell - Hail To The Freaks


Contrive - What's Mine
Troldhaugen - Poultrytician


Claim The Throne - Mantra


Hybrid Nightmares - Ultor
Devil Electric - The Dove and The Serpent


Ne Obliviscaris - Eyrie


Arteries - Year Of The Snake


Gravemind - Echo
Octanic - Aeternus Imperium
Twelve Foot Ninja - One Hand Killing
Cog - Bitter Pills
Dead Kelly - 4561
Lagerstein - Tales Of The Fallen Ale
Psycroptic - Lacertine Forest
Pod People - Dying Voice
Five Star Prison Cell - I Curse This Vessel
Witchgrinder - They Walk Among Us
Frankenbok - Segregate the Masses
Order Of Chaos - No passion to the grind
Toehider - ....But Mostly Metal
Elm Street - Face The Reaper


Heavy At Home

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