• HEAVY AT HOME August 1 2016 Playlist



    Dreadnaught – Pure Lunacy
    Hidden Intent – Apocalypse Now


    Twelve Foot Ninja – Invincible
    Solum – Block out the Sun


    Plini – Electric Sunrise
    Thy Art Is Murder – They Will Know Another


    Stormtide – Dawnsinger
    Anno Domini – Fragments of Eternity
    Elm Street – Next In Line


    Acolyte – Perceptions


    AUSSIE REQUESTS! Bands that start with the letter ‘S’ Only! \m/
    Sydonia – Eyes Of Sand
    Sleepmakeswaves – Great Northern
    Scary Mother – Lord Of The Flies
    Sanzu – Phenomena
    Segression – Fifth of the Fifth
    Sumeru – Holy Lands
    Se Bon Ki Ra – Left Of Centre
    Slaughter Lord – Slaughter Lord
    Silent Knight – Prisoner Of Your World
    Scar The Surface – A Strength that Overcomes
    Saralisse – Into The Sky
    Sadistik Exekution – Agonising The Dead
    Sakkuth – Reborn Into Dreams


    Heavy At Home

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