HEAVY AT HOME August 29 2016 Playlist



Coffin Carousel - Bat Shit Crazy
Allegiance - Destitution


Twelve Foot Ninja - Oxygen
Stormtide - Ascension


Plini - Handmade Cities
KING - Night Sky Abyss


Darkc3ll - Preacher
Nucleust - Fear The Fearless
Hellbringer - Coven Of Darkness


Twelve Foot Ninja - Sick
Envenomed - Horror Movie


AUSSIE REQUESTS! Bands that have Toured overseas Only!
Voyager - Pulse 04
4arm - Submission For Liberty
Karnivool - Simple Boy
Contrive - The Meaning Unseen
Parkway Drive - Smoke 'Em If Ya Got 'Em
Psycroptic - Cold
Airbourne - Live It Up
Ne Obliviscaris - Devour Me, Colossus (Part I) Blackholes
King Parrot - Shit on the Liver
Hidden Intent - Apocalypse Now
Elm Street - Face The Reaper


Heavy At Home

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