HEAVY AT HOME February 15 2016


Cog - Are you Interested? (Live)
Japam - Wolf Harass

Infernal Outcry - Eclipsed
Darkc3ll - Freakenstein (Virus Remix)

Hidden Intent - Addicted to Thrash
Lagerstein - Raise Your Steins
Destroyer 666 - Tamam Shud
Actuality - Epoch

Whoretopsy - Dendrophilia
Whisky Smile - Catfish Lake

Voyager - Misery Is Only Company
AUSSIE REQUESTS - Bands that start with the letter "P" ONLY!!!
Psycroptic - Echoes to Come
Pain Division - Welcome to the show
Paramaecium - The Killing
Pathogen - Identity Theft
Pod People - Filling the Void
Parkway Drive - The Siren's Song
Polaris - Hold You Under
Prescient - Revolutions
Psychrist - The Abysmal Fiend
Pegazus - The Headless Horseman
Portal - Curtain
Perpetual Dawn - Submerged

Heavy At Home

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