HEAVY AT HOME January 30 2017



Last 9 Days - In Decline
Boris the Blade - Backstabber


Thy Art Is Murder - No Absolution
Sun of Gaia - Peril


Hadal Maw - Simian Plague
Dodknell - Praise Death


Silent Knight - Holy Wars...The Punishment Due
Alkira - A Thalidomide Child
Dead Kelly - The Legend Of Borry Part .1


Bane Of Bedlam - Guilty at Birth
Aversions Crown - The Oracles of Existence


Airbourne - Rivalry
Twelve Foot Ninja - Invincible
Dreadnaught - The Hated
Comacozer - The Mind That Feeds The Eye
Sydonia - Eyes Of Sand
Superheist - Wolves in Your Headspace
Ragdoll - Shine
Envenomed - In Sanity's Stead
Hemina - High Kite Ride
In Death - Bow to your Master
Holy Serpent - Bury Me Standing



Heavy At Home

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