• HEAVY AT HOME July 11 2016 Playlist



    Elm Street – Sabbath
    KING – All In Black
    Ragdoll – Shine


    Dreadnaught – Pure Lunacy
    Sydonia – Eyes Of Sand


    Meshiaak – Chronicles Of The Dead
    Sewercide – A Dying Dream


    Allegiance – One Step Beyond
    Acolyte – Perceptions


    Parkway Drive – Devil’s Calling
    Hidden Intent – Apocalypse Now


    Tensions Arise – Darkness Binds
    Cog – Doors (Now and Then My Life Feels Like It’s Going Nowhere)
    Shadow Realm – Let There Be Blood
    Ruins – Where time is left behind (echoes of ghosts)
    Hazmat – Atonement
    Segression – Pale Beneath
    Mar Mortuum – I
    Henry’s Anger – Personality Test
    Eye of The Enemy – The Deed



    Heavy At Home

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