HEAVY AT HOME July 17 2017

Balloons Kill Babies - Illuzia
Hadal Maw - Simian Plague


James Norbert Ivanyi - Pray Darkly
As Paradise Falls - Automated Sacrifice


Flynn Effect - Give In To Me


Agents Of The Enemy - Brooding
Nucleust - Quantum Umbrella


I Am Duckeye - Drip Dry
Adam Glynn - Soapbox Goliath
Branch Arterial - My Curse


Battlegrave - The Anzacs


AUSSIE 'HEAVY' REQUESTS! Bands that shouldn't have broken up Only?
Damaged - Dust
Mammal - Smash The Pinata
Mortal Sin - I Am Immortal
Alchemist - Chinese Whispers
Sydonia - Shame
Disembowelment - Your Prophetic Throne Of Ivory
Pathogen - Identity Theft
Red Shore - The Seed Of Annihilation
Henry's Anger - One To Fifteen
Aeon Of Horus - Radiate
Allegiance - Face Reality
Sunk Loto - Sunken Eyes


Heavy At Home

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