HEAVY AT HOME July 3 2017



Figures - Tied Around
Azreal - Beast


Balloons Kill Babies - Illuzia
As Paradise Falls - Dead Message


Awaken Solace - The Darkening of Fairytales
Devil Electric - Hypnotica
Gravemind - Anaesthsia


Cemetery Urn - The Sickening Sect
Duneeater - One Eyed Samurai
Interalia - Aleon


The Furor - The Flames of Fate


Aussie Requests - Bands that start with the letter 'S'!
Segression - Gaspipe
Scary Mother - Ma Laeo
Silent Knight - The Curse of The Black Rose
Sunk Loto - Sunken Eyes
Sanzu - Those Who Sleep in the East
Se Bon Ki Ra - Lesser Than.
Superheist - Back to Base
Scar The Surface - Victory When Misery Fails
Silt - Yield To Thief
Sydonia - Reality Kicks
Sumeru - Lion Rider
Stargazer - Ye Olde Magicks
Sakkuth - Suffering Dead


Heavy At Home

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