• HEAVY AT HOME June 13 2016 Playlist

    Japam – DK Facepunch
    Kill(Ur)Self – Fractured


    Opia – Somethings
    Infernal Outcry – Eclipsed
    Chronolyth – Shadows and Sorrow


    Stare At The Clouds – Concurrent Abreaction I- Presage (The Hunter)
    Rainshadow – Anti-hero
    Hybrid Nightmares – Only The Dead Know


    Gods Of Eden – Lost in Fables
    Claret Ash – Desolation of a Pierced Soul


    Orpheus Omega – Our Reminder
    Revulsed – Imposed Cognitive Reconstruction
    Hope Drone – Riverbeds Hewn In Marrow


    Parkway Drive – Dying To Believe
    Thy Art Is Murder – Deliver Us To Evil


    Teramaze – Out Of Subconscious
    Sanzu – The Chill
    Witchskull – The Vast Electric Dark


    Harlott – Denature


    Lord – What Tomorrow Brings



    Heavy At Home

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