• HEAVY AT HOME March 14 2016 Playlist


    Limb From Limb – Dead Earth Symphonies

    I Am Duckeye – Hot Nuts

    Balloons Kill Babies – Patches

    Chaos Divine – Soldiers

    Rise Of Avernus – Path To Shekinah

    Witchskull – The Vast Electric Dark

    Arcane – Unturning

    Black Majesty – Vlad The Impaler

    Orsome Welles – Swim

    Forstora – Inevitability

    In Malice’s Wake – Light Upon The Wicked

    Teramaze – Out Of Subconscious

    Daemon Pyre – Courage Burns Brightest

    Caligula’s Horse – Marigold

    King Parrot – Hell Comes Your Way

    Lord – Haunted

    Cog – Resonate

    Orpheus Omega – Practice Makes Pathetic

    Jericco – I’m Here

    High Tension – Killed By Life

    Dreadnaught – Game

    Hailmary – My Song

    Jack The Stripper – Dragged Apart by Horses

    Like Thieves – Brave the Day

    Khariot – Hydra

    Christbait – Swing

    Heavy At Home

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