HEAVY AT HOME March 20 2017



Azreal – Fall to Pieces
Voyager – Ascension


Flaming Wrekage – Desperation Bleeds
Sleepmakeswaves – Into The Arms of Ghosts


Frankenbok – Of Chaos & Fear
Regular Gonzales – Seeing Red
Synaescope – The Illusion of Control


Desecrator – Red Steel Nation
Taberah – Child of Storm
Valhalore – Across the Frozen Ocean


Eternal Rest – If My Demons Wore A Crown


Twelve Foot Ninja – Collateral
Darkcell – Monsters
Five Star Prison Cell – Subtle Breach Of Bliss
Dyssidia – Dead Smoke
Lagerstein – Drink The Rum
Nazxul – Black Wings
Caligula’s Horse – Marigold
The Occupants – Hindsight
Dead Kelly – The Legend Of Borry
Troldhaugen – Catoptric Contortions
Recoil VOR – Broken Arm
Be’lakor – Venator


Heavy At Home

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