HEAVY AT HOME March 21 2016 Playlist


Opia - Signs

Voyager - Misery Is Only Company

The Levitation Hex - Disrate

Limb From Limb - Dead Earth Symphonies

Full Scale Revolution - 1945

Vipassi - SumCircles - Sand and Wind

Silt - Unscent

Dead Kelly - Down By The Creek

I Am Duckeye - Sex Fight

Mammoth Mammoth - Dead Sea

Chronolyth - Revenants


Frankenbok - The Hole

Hidden Intent - Addicted to Thrash

Chaos Divine - Landmines

Misery - Inverted prophet

Sabretung - Deadline

Incrypt - Chalice

Northlane - Obelisk

Sakkuth - Reborn Into Dreams

Hope Drone - The Waves Forever Shatter Upon Our Shores

The Hazard Circular - Born Awake, Forever Asleep

Caligula's Horse - Atlas

Blatherskite - The Other

The Mark Of Cain - (R) Retaliate

Heavy At Home

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  1. kip voss

    Hey mates! How r ya? i am a huge fan of aussie metal but keep missin your show cuz i forgot your monday is my sunday up in the states..California..
    To confirm your show is on mondays in Australia. .which city..Melbourne? At
    What time there? Can i listen to any past shows? Can i request Silt again for your next show? Thanks so much for playing all the great aussie music! Love ya up here..
    Cheers, Kip Voss

    Reply - March 22, 2016 at 1:54 pm

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