HEAVY AT HOME May 1 2017

Harlott – The Penitent
Desecrator – Thrash Is A Verb


Superheist – Fully Loaded
Mish – Lyre Bird


Taberah – Wicked Way
Battlegrave – Mortar Fire
Branch Arterial – Circus


In Heart’s Wake – Passage
Lucas Stone – Carry The Black
Seraphic – Fire and Ice


Mammoth Mammoth – Hard Way Down


Vulvagun – Instant Hate Response
Truth Corroded – Salute The Horrors
BloodDuster – Porn Store Stiffi
Hidden Intent – Addicted to Thrash
Cryogenic – Fall On
Caligula’s Horse – Dark Hair Down
Synaescope – The Illusion of Control
Slaughter Lord – Die By Power
Norse – Plaguewhore
King Parrot – Silly ‘Ol Mate
Segression – Higher
Naberus – Drones



Heavy At Home

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