HEAVY AT HOME May 29 2017



Billie-Jade - Horror Haus
Figures - Recoil


El Colosso - The Hunted
Vulvagun - Of Gods and Monsters


Bear The Mammoth - Decembering
Eternal Rest - Scorned in Fractured Light
Orsome Welles - Build a World


Somnium Nox - The Alnwick Apotheosis
Voyager - Lifeline


Harlott - The Penitent


Parkway Drive - Frostbite
Segression - Gaspipe
Superheist - Wolves in Your Headspace
Twelve Foot Ninja - Ain't That A Bitch
Toehider - The Thing With Me
Lord Kaos - Crystal Lakes
Cog - No Other Way
Cryogenic - Severed
Blunt Shovel - Tongue Hung Pinata
Divine Ascension - Liberator
Breaking Orbit - Orion
Mindsnare - Into The Infinity


Heavy At Home

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